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MyActive Fall Detection

SafetyWatch MyActive Fall Detection, is the first and only medical alert system to offer you the ultimate in independence, confidence, freedom and peace of mind, by automatically calling for help if you’re unable to activate your help button manually.


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$39.95 Monthly Monitoring

Fall Detection Features:

  • Calls for Help automatically when your unable to press your help button
  • Water resistamt – wear it in the shower
  • Lightweight and comfortable

System Includes

  • Monitored 24/7/365 Emergency
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Auto Cancel Feature
  • Pendant is water resistant and impact resistant

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SafetyWatch LLC

A sudden fall — you are alone and cannot push your
button. Who would know? WE WOULD!

Get help anytime, 24 hours a day. You can summon help even if you cannot speak or press your button, because the Fall Detector Pendant
can detect a fall automatically and send a signal to our Emergency Response Center. Our trained operator
will dispatch the appropriate assistance to you immediately.” The pendant is lightweight and water resistant, so you
can wear it in the shower or bath, where many falls occur, in addition to the “auto fall” detect feature,
the button can be pressed at any time to call for assistance. The MyActive Fall Detector is an advanced health and wellness monitoring solution that
features the industry’s most accurate and reliable fall detection technology.
How does it work?
Tiny sensors in the Fall Detector Pendant can tell the difference between normal physical activity and an
actual fall. The device continuously measures the speed of a person’s movements in all directions and compares what it senses to what it considers an actual fall event. If a
fall occurs, a signal for help is automatically sent to the Connect America Response Center.*

*Automatic fall detection does not detect 100% of all falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need assistance