Avoid Falling during Night time

Many seniors suffer from fall and slip accidents at night and there are many reasons why
this happens. Slip and fall accidents at night is the reason why seniors who
stay indoors still end up with broken hips or head trauma and land at the hospital.

Those who live with seniors or have senior loved ones who live in their own should be
aware of techniques to prevent slips and falls so that these seniors can still
live full, healthy, and longer lives.

The causes why the elderly have slip
and fall accidents at night and the ways to prevent them:

  1. Poor or inadequate lighted rooms, stairways, hallways, and bathrooms.

Solution: If the senior lives with you, you
should check your home and accept the fact that your home might need a slight
makeover to make it safe for the elderly even at night. For example, you can
install night lights on those accident prone areas in your home.

You can also consider adding railings and bars on your hallway so that it is safer.
Also you can add bars inside the bathroom near the toilet seat or you can buy
mobility aids that are for bathroom usage. This is so your elderly loved one
will have something to hold onto when they try to sit on or get up.

  1. Even when there is adequate lighting at night, slip and fall accidents can still
    happen if there are carpets, throw rugs, or mats that are loose, have curled
    edges, or have bulges on them. When your loved one goes to step on these they can
    trip and lose their balance.

Solution: See to it that your carpet has a no
slip backing to prevent it from getting loose or slipping when the senior steps
on it.  An alternative would be to remove the carpet or throw rug altogether as a safety measure or have wall to wall

  1. Many seniors forget where they put their things and this is quite risky at night.

Solution: Leave a large but lightweight
flashlight at the bedside table near the senior so that they can use the light
first before trying to sit up on the bed at night. To prevent a slip and fall
injury, you should make the senior aware of the possible side effects of the
medicines they are taking and tell them.

  1. Our feet have less traction on the floor which is also another reason why slips and
    falls happen in the home.

Solution: Encourage your elderly loved one to
wear socks or slippers with traction. These should be placed near the bed along
with the flashlight so that whenever they want to get up at night, they can
wear the socks or slippers as a slip prevention tool.

Lastly, provide a walker for y our senior that they can use to prevent slip and fall
accidents as they try to make their way around the house even at night. Walkers
are a class of mobility aids that have helped seniors for decades to keep their
independence by allowing them to walk with supports.


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