How to Make a Home Senior-Friendly

  • Are sturdy railings or banisters securely placed along each stairway?
  • Are stairs, halls, and exits free of clutter?
  • Are throw rugs eliminated or fastened down?
  • Are electrical cords in good condition?
  • Are nightlights placed in the bedroom-bathroom area and in the halls? Wiring should not be frayed or stripped. Do not run electrical wire under carpet. Keep telephone wires away from walkways.
  • Is furniture arranged to allow free movement in heavy traffic areas?
  • Are often-used items stored in spaces that are easy to reach?
  • Are panhandles turned toward the back of the stove when in use?
  • Are potholders used, not apron corners and dish towels, when cooking?
  • Are grease and liquids wiped up immediately after spilled?
  • Are cleaning fluids, polishes, bleaches, detergents and all poisons stored separately and clearly marked?
  • Are grab bars installed in the bathtub and shower and at the toilet?
  • Are non-slip rubber mats placed in bathtub and shower?
  • Is water temperature checked with hand before showering or bathing?
  • Is a first-aid kit available at all times?
  • Are medicines clearly labeled and placed where the person knows where they are?
  • Is a lamp or other light located within easy reach of the bedside?
  • Are hazardous tools and firearms kept locked up?

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