Medical Alert Services


SafetyWatch – Medical Alert Systems 

Imagine the security and peace of mind knowing that with a SafetyWatch medical alert system, help is always available anytime you need. Worry less and enjoy your independence more knowing you will have that peace of mind.

Our basic medical alert system offers 24-hour access to emergency responders. Providing safety at the touch of a button.


The anywhere help button allows you to summon emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by simply pressing your own Personal Help Button.

Unlike traditional medical alert systems that only work inside the home, MobileAlert® also enables you to participate in activities that you enjoy outside of your home such as gardening, taking walks, shopping and traveling.

Care Management Services

Aging life care management is the professional assessment, planning, coordination, supervision and management of healthcare and quality-of-life services. It is a preventive, proactive approach to healthcare that reduces the risk of hospitalization and healthcare costs.

A geriatric care manager will listen to the concerns of you and your loved one, visit the home and recommend options for improved quality of life, healthcare services and cost containment.

System Includes

  • Waterproof Wristband/Pendant
  • Automatically monitors battery life
  • 2-Way Speakerphone Communication
  • Battery Backup
  • Non-Emergency Call Button
  • Live operator wellness checks

medical alert systemsHow Safety Watch Works

How the system works

With the push of a button you can live comfortably in your own home, receiving 24 hour medical monitoring and home health security with losing your independence.

home3A Client’s Story

I want to thank you for the excellent response my husband received when he fell. I was not at home and the response was immediate when he pushed the call button.

At his request the operator called me and I returned home to take him to the ER.

Thank you for the peace of mind your service gives our family.