In-Home Medical Alert with Fall Detection

Get professional help at home,
with the touch of a button

  • $19.95 a month
  • Waterproof Help Button
  • 24/7/365 Emergency 2-way voice monitoring
  • Rechargeable backup battery
  • Easy to install
  • VOIP compatible

The SafetyWatch In-Home Medical Alert System offers an affordable, dependable and easy to use system that provides extra piece of mind so your loved ones can enjoy a lifestyle of independence within the home. Help is only a single push of a button away to our Medical Emergency Response Center that is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our  In-Home System connects using traditional or wireless phone lines.

The system also has an option of adding the medical alert with fall detection button where if there is ever a fall it will automatically detect the fall and alert the Response Center immediately so emergency personnel can be dispatched. While there are many factors that cause falls within a home, taking a proactive stance by preparing for the risk of a fall by choosing the fall detection button is a great choice.

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How it Works

medical alert with fall detection

Step 1

Press Button to Summon Help

SafetyWatch medical alert systems

Step 2

The Base Unit Will Dial to Get Assistance

Get Help Fast

Step 3

The Response Center Will Send Help Right Away

Three Reliable Options for Connecting to the SafetyWatch Response Center

The In-Home Medical Alert System has 2 main options for connecting to our Response Center, one that uses traditional phone lines, and the other for situations where phone lines are not available and instead uses the AT&T 3G wireless network. Both are reliable and offer any home the ability to use the In-Home Medical Alert System.

Another option for connecting to the Response Center is our In-Home myActive Fall Detection system that can detect if your loved one has fallen, and immediately call the Response Center for help. There is also a fail-safe button on the Fall Detection strap that allows your loved one to push a button to contact the Response Center for that extra level of peace of mind.

In-Home Landline Medical Alert System

In-home medical alert systemSafetyWatch’s In-Home Landline Medical Alert System is the most convenient and easy-to-use product on the market. The newest model is the first to use VoIP technology and a compatibility design to make it integrate with your existing landline system. The rest of the system is built around this landline because it is the direct link to SafetyWatch’s Response Center. The landline is always connected to increase the speed at which you can be serviced in case of an emergency. SafetyWatch designed the Landline Medical Alert System this way because it maximizes on the system’s durability and its effectiveness when monitoring patient’s. The device also comes with a speakerphone and a microphone so that the patient won’t have to hold a phone when calling for help.

Round the clock medical safety help every day of the year

With SafetyWatch services you can be certain that your loved ones will always have someone that they can reach out to for help. The In-Home Landline Medical Alert Kit is a direct link to SafetyWatch’s centralized support center which offers 24-hour support every day of the year. The trained professionals at these centers pick up the phone the moment that you call them and will stay on the line for as long as they are needed. If an ambulance is required then they will send one immediately and stay on the line until the patient is in the care of qualified paramedics.

Rapid medical response is only a button away

SafetyWatch Landline medical alert systemThe seamless interaction between the Landline Unit and the SafetyWatch Response Center is what makes this system work so well. Every piece of the system was custom-built for medical emergency monitoring unlike the re-purposed burglar alarm equipment used by competitors. For example, the on-board computer chip in the medical alert kit is able to run diagnostics on itself and report to the Response Center if any part is malfunctioning. The landline unit also monitors the levels of its patients’ medical dispenser to ensure that patients do not forget to take their drugs. Only SafetyWatch products are designed from the ground-up to implement these vital features.

In-Home Cellular Medical Alert System

In-home cellular medical alert system

Landlines are the most reliable in terms of up-time however very few homes have the infrastructure necessary for a landline service, or there are times when cellphones are a preferred mode of communication due to their mobility. SafetyWatch gets around this small problem by providing clients with the option of purchasing a cellular unit instead. The cellular unit provides all of the same services as the landline unit, however its network runs on a 3G cellular connection and is the first medical alarm system to provide this. It will work just as well as the landline as long as the area that the user lives in is covered by AT&T’s 3G network.

The cellular unit also boasts a microphone and speakerphone to enable easy two-way communication between the Response Center and the patient. The In-Home Cellular Base Unit is the perfect option for those who require speed and reliability but do not have a dedicated landline.

The In-Home Fall Detection System

In-Home myActive fall detectionFor only $10 more per month you can add an extra layer of protection with myActive Fall Detection that can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet. If a fall is detected the Response Center is immediately contacted so that emergency personnel can be dispatched as quickly as possible. Learn more about how the In-Home myActive Fall Detector can help protect your loved ones.

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Customer Reviews

Leslie S


I want to thank you for the excellent response my husband received when he fell. I was not at home and the response was immediate when he pushed the call button.