In Home Medical Alert System with Fall Detection

Falls are automatically detected and the Response Center is contacted for immediate help.

  • Additional $10 month
  • Fall Detection Button
  • Range of 600-1000 feet
  • Auto-cancel feature
  • Pendant is waterproof and impact resistant
  • Engineered for medical emergency monitoring

In-Home myActive fall detectionSome situations require more specialized options than others. For example, a patient my find him or herself in a dangerous situation where the phone can’t be reached, in which case SafetyWatch also provides its users with a button that you can press and call for help. The button is designed to be lightweight so that patient’s can wear them on their wrist or around their neck. Some versions can even detect falls on their own and call for help immediately.

Reliable response whenever a fall occurs

The computer chip within the dongle also acts as self-regulating device. This means that it will report the status of its battery and connection to the Medical Alert Unit which reports back to the Response Center so that they will know if it malfunctions. SafetyWatch prides itself in its uptime therefore any reports of malfunctioning equipment are dealt with quickly.

Preventative measures you can take to minimize risks of falls

Electing to add the fall detection option to your home medical alert system can help you get help when you have a fall, but the best option is to take proactive measures against factors around your home that may pose as safety issues. We’ve compiled a list of questions regarding fall proofing your home.

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How it Works

fall detection

Step 1

A fall is detected

In-Home Base Unit

Step 2

The Base Unit Will Dial to Get Assistance

Get Help Fast

Step 3

The Response Center Will Send Help Right Away

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Customer Reviews

Agnes W


My mother doesn’t let anything keep her from getting things done around her house, but one time she got really sick and collapsed, and thankfully her pendant contacted the Safetywatch center and they had an ambulance on it’s way. It saved her life and we are so blessed to still have her thanks to your company.