Mobile Medical Alert System

mobile medical alert system

Get medical help away from home with only a press of a button

  • $44.95 a month
  • Location detection by GPS satellite
  • 24/7/365 Emergency 2-way voice monitoring
  • Amplified two-way voice Communication
  • Nationwide coverage on the AT&T network
  • Mobile Device featuring one-button operation
  • Engineered for medical emergency monitoring

Being under medical care shouldn’t restrict you from going about your daily business and having fun. Many patients who are at risk of injuring themselves while moving around are forced to stay indoors where they can be monitored properly, however the MobileAlert® medical alert system allows them to travel safely. The system is designed to give patients all of the benefits of a standard medical alert unit with the added advantage of being mobile.

As people get older their potential of a fall increases, and the risk for trauma can be greater if a person that falls doesn’t get rapid treatment immediately after a fall occurs. The Mobile medical alert system also has an option of adding a Fall Detection button where if there is ever a fall it will automatically detect the fall and alert the Response Center immediately so emergency personnel can be dispatched.

Get the gift of independence, well being, and dignity



How it Works

mobile medical alert system with gps

Step 1

Press Button to Summon Help

MobileAlert button

Step 2

The Base Unit Will Dial to Get Assistance

Get Help Fast

Step 3

The Response Center Will Send Help Right Away

Full Mobility for Active Lifestyles

Most in home based medical alert units lack the advantage of allowing complete mobility outside of the home or care center. Patients who rely on these systems must always be close to their Medical Alert Systems which are difficult to move around with but with the Mobile medical alert System, patients are able to live active lifestyles and still be certain that medical help can be reached quickly and conveniently.

MobileAlert® Advanced GPS Technology

The Mobile medical alert system with GPS technology connects to cellular networks across the country. The GPS tracker allows the monitors at the Response Center to know exactly where the patients are at all times so that they are guaranteed to get speedy medical assistance in the case of an emergency. Patients in trouble simply need to press a button and then wait for help to arrive.

Mobile Alert medical alert systemKey features of the MobileAlert® Unit include:

  • >> Simple one button operation
  • >> A GPS tracker that can be worn as a neck pendant or a wrist button
  • >> Pendant is waterproof and impact resistant
  • >> No need to sign up for a cellular contract
  • >> Amplified two-way voice communication
  • >> Nationwide coverage on the AT&T network*
  • >> Direct access to the 24/7/365 US-based Emergency Response Center
  • >> Compatibility with the MobileAlert® Fall Detection with a range of up to 350 feet
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Customer Reviews

We got the Mobile Alert package for our dad who prefers his independence, and if it hadn’t been for this alert system things could have gone really bad a few months back when he got disoriented and wasn’t sure where he was. Thanks to Safetwatch they sent him some help right away.