Mobile Medical Alert System with fall detection

mobile medical alert system

Falls are automatically detected and the Response Center is contacted for immediate help

  • $49.95 a month
  • Range of 600-1000 feet
  • Auto-cancel feature
  • Mobile Device featuring one-button operation
  • Pendant is waterproof and impact resistant
  • Engineered for medical emergency monitoring

fall detectionAfter a certain age, falls happen regularly and the older you get, the more dangerous each fall becomes. The Mobile Medical Alert with Fall Detection is a dongle that automatically senses if a patient has suffered a fall and calls for help automatically. The dongle also allows you to call for help simply by pressing the button. Once the call goes through, the patient will be assisted by a care provider located in a US-based response center which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and 365 days a year with no downtime.

The extra measure of safety for active seniors

The Mobile medical alert system with fall detection is important for a number of reasons. For example, one third of American’s aged 65 and over fall down every year, and 70% of the accidental deaths of senior citizens are caused by falls. Many falls can be avoided by simply following some common sense rules for fall prevention. The Mobile medical alert with fall detection system hopes to reduce this casualty rate by ensuring that senior citizens who fall down get medical attention quickly.

What to do if you accidentally have a false alarm

A certain amount of false alarms are expected, especially when taking the dongle on or off. If you find that you accidentally set the Fall Detection off then it will start beeping and a red light will flash. To put it off again, simply press and hold the button for five seconds or until the red light turns green and the beeping stops. If the detector senses a fall then it will wait for 20 seconds to detect normal movement before reporting a fall message. The device will allow another twenty seconds for the patient to cancel manually before the mobile alert unit places a call to the emergency response center. The response center will automatically call for an ambulance if the patient can’t be reached after the fall detector has gone off and has not been put off manually.

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How it Works

fall detection

Step 1

A fall is detected

MobileAlert button

Step 2

The Base Unit Will Dial to Get Assistance

Get Help Fast

Step 3

The Response Center Will Send Help Right Away

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Customer Reviews

Betty C


Although I’m almost 80 years old I still enjoy driving to meet my friends for walks at a local park. One day as I was walking I tripped, and immediately I was contacted by the people at Safety Watch. I didn’t hurt myself, but if I had they were ready to send help immediately.