Rely on Our Medical Alert Systems in Citrus County, FL

One of the biggest concerns about seniors aging in place is the dangers of a fall or other accident that can incapacitate a senior. When seniors can’t reach out for help, it can cause serious consequences, such as more serious injuries or illnesses or even death. To prevent these issues from occurring, Safety Watch is proud to offer reliable medical alert devices that notify the proper authorities when a senior needs help.

Works at Home and on the Go

We offer mobile medical alert systems in Citrus County, FL, that are perfect for seniors who may be more adventurous. Whether it’s as simple as going out for a daily walk or they spend more time out and about running errands or seeing the sights, you can rest assured your senior will get help if something happens along the way. Our medical alert systems broadcast the location of the senior so they can get help, no matter where they are. This is also a valuable asset for seniors who may be more prone to wandering away from home.

Fast Fall Detection

The faster seniors can get help after a fall, the better the outcome. Our fall alert systems are programmed for fall detection in Citrus County, FL, to alert medical personnel of the need for help, giving you peace of mind your loved one won’t be left lying helpless on the ground with no way to get up or seek help. Our goal is to give families confidence their loved ones will be taken care of if an accident occurs.