Medical Alert Systems for Seniors in Hernando County, FL

Seniors who live alone are at an increased risk of falls or other accidents that can leave them unable to call for help. This is one of the biggest reasons families often hesitate when seniors wish to age in place. Fortunately, Safety Watch offers medical alert devices designed to immediately call for help when a senior can’t on their own. We understand your concerns and want to give you peace of mind your loved one is safe in their own home or even if they go out.

Mobile and Home Services

Many other medical alert systems in Hernando County, FL, are limited to a senior’s home, which can leave them vulnerable if they go out for a walk or to run errands. That’s why we designed mobile medical alert systems that work from anywhere. With built-in GPS tracking, seniors who fall or are otherwise injured can get the timely help they need, no matter where they are. Medical personnel get instant access to a senior’s location when the fall detection or other features activate a call for help.

Fight Against Falls

One of the biggest issues seniors face is falls in their home or while away. These falls are often caused by balance issues normal in aging individuals, but they can have catastrophic results, especially if seniors don’t get timely help. With our fall alert systems in Hernando County, FL, an alert is sent when fall detection triggers, providing the help seniors need to protect their long-term health and well-being.