Benton Family Medical Clinic

Benton Family Medical Clinic

When you look for a family medical practice, you're generally looking for a holistic approach.

The holistic approach is a complete way of perceiving sickness as the result of body malfunction and viewing health as several factors correlated through the person’s state. As such, services that attend to the body and mind are vital for the continued health of a patient, their family, and their community.

This is why our facility offers different services catering to diverse needs, as we wish to look after the community’s health. As such, our family practice in Benton counts with primary healthcare attention, gynecologists, mental health providers, nutritionists, neuropathies, joint pain, pediatrics, and other forms of general care.

Family managed care is crucial for Benton, as the community grows every year. As such, we offer our primary health program. This intends to be your first stop when it comes to health-related issues and annual wellness checks. The idea is to have a doctor or practitioner that knows you and can cater to you quickly in case of emergency, as he would have your medical history at hand. However, if you require specialized attention, he will refer you to the specialist that better suits your needs and contact a Benton family pharmacy to begin your treatment as soon as possible.

The medical doctors at our Benton practice are also specialists in gynecology and pediatrics, not only in family care, so our practice can offer specialized attention to children and women if needed for most situations that usually emerge during our routine.  

Furthermore, our practitioners are qualified for mental health treatment, and they are kind, compassionate, and willing to listen. If you feel depressed, anxious, or just need someone to talk to, we have the tools to help you. We understand that mental health is as important as physical health and, as such, we give equal treatment to the way you feel, physically and mentally.

Gastrointestinal disruptions sometimes require a dietary change, but also commend lifestyle changes and any condition that requires improving your diet. Therefore, our center is also staffed with expert nutritionists that are experienced and well educated. They are eager to help the community, so they respond quickly and book you an appointment soon.

Usually, general practitioners can treat joint pains, which is why we lend our expertise to children and adults to understand why the pain is present to resolve the underlying reason and calm it.

Our Benton family doctors also offer aid in cases of several neuropathies. Many are associated with diabetes or nervous system pathologies, which is why they can be treated locally. However, if you require further assistance and examination, they will humbly refer you to the best local specialist, so you are taken care of.

The Clearstone Medical Center is your number one stop when it comes to integral health. We aim to cover everything you need in primary health and help you induct into the healthcare system when needed. We wish for your continued health and well-being, as well as your family’s. Schedule an appointment:

Benton Family Medical Clinic

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Benton Family Medical Clinic