Chiropractor Office Pickering

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Chiropractor Office Pickering

Chiropractor Office Pickering

If you have been experiencing the painful effects of an injury that you may have sustained while on the job, or even in the course of your daily activities, there are several approaches that you can take advantage of to offer you the relief that you have been looking for. You might want to seek out the benefits of visiting an experienced and professional acupuncturist in Pickering that can assist you with the treatment of your pain management, giving you prolonged and lasting results that will show you a different way of living with out the debilitating pain and damaging effects that a long term injury can do to your body. Amberlea Physiotherapy has been providing proven results by means of alternative methods of treatments that can bring you back to the once pain free lifestyle you used to enjoy.


At Amberlea Physiotherapy, we are considered the number one, top rated rehab clinic throughout this entire region, offering the services of a thoroughly experienced, professional acupuncturist in Pickering, who can start you on the road to recovery. Acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative treatment to several conditions that can cause you great pain, such as sciatica, neck and back pain, arthritis and several other problems that take away the joy of living. As you probably know, acupuncture is performed with a series of needles that are applied to the afflicted areas of your body. While this sounds like something you probably wouldn’t want to experience, most of our patients advise us that they never even feel the needles touching their skin, but rather, they feel a sensation of a light tap to the skin.

Acupuncture is one form of alternative medicine that is commonly used for pain relief, although it has also been used to treat several conditions. Most people that seek out this method of treatment do so for various reasons, such as lower back pain, shoulder stiffness and knee pain. When the acupuncturist begins this procedure, you will be lying still, while between five and twenty extremely tiny needles are inserted in a painless manner, and they will remain there for approximately ten to twenty minutes. This procedure may also be accompanied with the assistance of heat, pressure or even laser light. It has been our experience that some of our patients experience almost immediate relief after their treatment, and continue to feel better throughout the day.

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When you are thinking that you may benefit from the expertise that a professional and experienced acupuncturist in Pickering may be able to provide you with, Amberlea Physiotherapy would like to invite you to visit our web site at amberleaphysiopickering.com so that you can learn a little bit more about the benefits that the proven alternative methods of treatments will provide for you. On our home page, you can schedule your free consultation for your evaluation and course of treatment that will serve you best. You can also call us at 905.498.5588 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable medical professionals.

Chiropractor Office Pickering
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Chiropractor Office Pickering