Covid 19 Depression Agoura Hills

COVID 19 has overtaken the globe and changed how many of us interact in our daily lives. While the pandemic was in full swing, addiction and alcohol abuse rose to astronomical levels. Studies have shown that the impact of COVID 19 on addiction was immense, with many people falling deeper into addiction, picking up a new addiction, or dealing with depression and anxiety. If you or someone you care about is dealing with COVID 19 depression in Agoura Hills, just know that there is help out there for you!

Substance Abuse During The Pandemic

When you look at the state of the world, the pandemic has not just devastated Americans financially and medically. One major impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the hit that mental health has taken for so many people. Mental health issues, panic disorders, substance use disorders, and thoughts of suicide have all been on the rise to immense proportions throughout the last few years. This all comes on the heels of a country that already had a significant mental health and addiction crisis, to begin with.

COVID 19 Depression In Agoura Hills And Mental Health

During the pandemic, we have seen a staggering boost in drug overdose deaths, with more than 40 states having an increase in opioid-related incidents. Many areas of the country have also reported that thoughts of suicide have also been on the rise, with about 11% of those surveyed stating they have had a suicidal thought within the last 30 days.

There has also been a lot of fear and disruption leading to depression and anxiety from COVID 19, which has a tremendous impact on someone's mental health. This comes from the need for quarantine measures and social distancing that has brought on the feeling of isolation for so many. Everything comes full circle, where you also have people already dealing with substance abuse disorders and not having the right coping mechanisms. Many start drinking or using drugs even more than normal due to worry, sorrow, and isolation.

Do You Need Treatment For COVID Depression?

You may be dealing with depression and anxiety without even realizing it. You must see specialty addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one if you feel as though you have been alone and abusing substances more and more. The first step is telling someone that you feel you have a problem and then selecting a good facility - but it must be a facility that also addresses co-occurring disorders.

Whenever you are battling an addiction, you could have one or more co-occurring mental health disorders like PTSD, trauma, anxiety, addiction, etc. Here at Awakenings Treatment Center, we get to know each patient so that we can formulate a customized plan for therapy that gives you the support, guidance, and tools that you need to regain control of your life, health, and overall wellness.

Are you ready to start treatment for addiction and COVID 19 depression in Agoura Hills? Contact our admissions department for treatment or questions, or call us at (855) 717-3268. Verify your insurance by clicking here.

Covid 19 Depression Agoura Hills

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Covid 19 Depression Agoura Hills