Dispensary Reno NV

Dispensary Reno NV

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Today it is possible to enjoy cannabis for recreational purposes in Nevada. Thanks to the relaxation in 2017 people can now buy their favorite strains and enjoy them in their homes. Whether you live in or visit Nevada, you can buy up to an ounce of your favorite buds at one of the licensed cannabis stores to enjoy a good smoke.

You are sure to find a variety of stores in the area that offer marijuana and its by-products. Among the alternatives, the best option ways will be Three Nations Cannabis. You should know why we are the ideal choice and get to know some of the incredible strains we have for you.

Why Choose Three Nations Cannabis?

We are a tribal-owned company, bringing all of our centuries-old cannabis knowledge to maximize our customer's experience. We work only with local growers and processors, following the highest quality standards. That's why we offer the best flowers and buds in the Nevada marijuana industry, at the most competitive prices on the market.

Here Are Some of the Extraordinary Buds We Have for You

  • Nab Farms | Dirty Taxi x Doc's Cake | Flower: This incredible combination makes for a balanced and spectacular experience. On one side, the Dirty Taxi brings its Sativa dominance and lifts you up with a fast and strong high. Then, Doc's Cake brings a memorable sweetness with a dizzying relaxation. It has a moderate potency, with a THC concentration between 20.38%-23.01%.
  • Nab Farms | Khalifa Kush | Flower: This hybrid was brought to the industry by the famous rapper Wiz Khalifa, and you will only find it in the best recreational weed dispensaries, such as Three Nations Cannabis. With its THC concentration between 19,25%-25,67%, this unique descendant of the OG Kush is considered a high-impact weed. It is ideal for connoisseurs who enjoy moderate body relaxation and a strong mental high.
  • Nigerian Haze: This bud brought to you by Srene is ideal if you want to feel calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic. It has a THC concentration of 25.34%, and an exquisite combination of terpenes including Terpinolene, Beta Myrcene, and Beta Carypropylene. It is an energetic and uplifting Sativa, which will allow you to increase your concentration and your creativity.
  • Crossfire Hurricane: it is an outstanding hybrid combination of Phissead Kush and Jack Flash. It has a floral aroma similar to roses, with hints of sweet mint and fumes. It has a THC concentration of 22%, but its mental euphoria is relatively mild. Its flavor becomes minty as it burns, and leaves an exquisite peppery taste. It is perfect for feeling energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired.
  • Circle S Farms | Blue Dream | Flower: only a top marijuana dispensary in Reno like us could bring you this gem for your enjoyment. With its 22% THC concentration, Blue Dream will give you a balanced physical and mental experience, it will help you to increase your confidence and to disinhibit you. It is highly recommended by connoisseurs to elevate the intimate experience.

Shop at the Best Dispensary in Reno NV

If you would like to enjoy these or other strains from our exclusive selection, we are ready to serve you. Three Nations Cannabis is the best dispensary in Nevada, with the premier buds grown in the region and with the highest quality standards. Enjoy the best prices, with the best cannabis drive-thru and the leading cannabis delivery in Reno. Visit our online store and shop our awesome products now.

Dispensary Reno NV
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Dispensary Reno NV
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Dispensary Reno NV