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Home care health programs offer excellent support to health care providers in terms of documentation, data storage, scheduling, payments and billing systems, connectivity, and other functions. Depending on the specific requirements of your agency, some software even offer offline accessibility and updates regarding government guidelines. Alora Home Health Software delivers efficient ways of managing your home care processes while staying compliant with government regulations.

How Should I Choose the Right Software for My Health Care Team?

It is important that you choose a software that will cater to your specific needs. Find a platform that will listen to you and offer service based on what’s useful to your agency’s areas of concentration. In addition, the presence of a team of dedicated trainers to address your needs accurately are important considerations when choosing the software for your agency. It’s all about personalization.

Is My Home Health Software Doing its Job?

Let’s say you already have a home health program in place and your agency prides itself for using a sophisticated software that claims to provide all the solutions you need; well done! But it was not long enough until you observe that many of your team members struggle to use the program’s numerous buttons and features, despite having undergone product training. A lot of functions have been left misused or even untouched. Over time, you find yourself paying for more than what you actually get out of the “top-of-the-line” software.

Managing home health care software should not be rocket science. It is crucial that you find a platform that will not complicate the way you and your team members work. If you find your agency in a similar situation, it might be worth reevaluating your current systems and looking out for better options.

Why Should I Choose Alora Home Health Software?

Alora offers solutions to manage your front-line clinical care, home health agency, and back office processes by providing complete clinical documentation, access to all payers for payments processing, and connectivity to multiple business lines or offices, among a range of functionalities.

Our platform is a highly intuitive software that provides the best user experience to your home care team. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use it and most of all, you will appreciate just how quick and effortless it is to incorporate the platform to your daily routine. Alora is adapted to all devices, caters to the routine requirements of both skilled and non-skilled care, and is accessible offline.

Lastly, customization is key. We would not want to overwhelm you with a complicated software and more importantly, we would not want you to pay for features that you may not find helpful. We will understand your needs and only offer you what your situation requires.

How Can I Find Out More About Easy Home Care Software?

To request for information, visit our website and provide your contact details on the form. One of our representatives shall get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively you may call us at 800-954-8250 to find out more about our home health care solutions.


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