Hospital Mattresses

Hospital Mattresses

If you’ve noticed how incredibly comfortable hospital beds are, it is due to the type of mattresses used. Hospital mattresses consist of special types of memory foams that allow comfortable but firm back support. Sterling Sleep Systems produces mattresses that are super comfortable, hygienic and offers sturdy spinal support.

What type of mattresses do hospitals use?

As hospital beds are adjustable, the mattresses used must also conform to the shape of the adjustment. Normal mattresses are too stiff for this job, so the mattresses are specially designed with unique foam materials. Considering that many patients spend months or weeks bed-bound in a hospital, the mattresses need to be very durable and easy to clean.

Hospital mattresses are usually either innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses or air mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are the cheapest, but also the least flexible and customizable. Air mattresses are expensive, but they can be adjusted easily by controlling the amount of air.

Purchasing a hospital mattress is ideal for patients who are bedridden and recovering from an illness while staying at home. Investing in a good mattress can prevent bedsores and aches after waking up. If you have a limited budget and can't buy a new mattress, you can purchase a mattress overlay instead, for improved comfort and less financial burden.

How to choose the perfect hospital mattress

Whether you need a mattress to treat a patient at home or a hospital, our mattresses are the ideal choice, as they're both comfortable and hygienic. The mattress should be thin and flexible enough to be adjusted to different positions and also should be easy to disassemble and clean.

A good mattress would use advanced chemical or material technology to find comfortable, hygienic materials. For example, open-cell foams are ideal for a sturdy, yet comfortable and breathable mattress.

Memory foam is among the most popular options, consisting of a matrix of open cells in the form of polyurethane foam. Then open-cell structures allow air to move more freely, resulting in a cool and breathable mattress. Some advanced variations also have excellent thermal conductivity, transferring heat away quickly, giving you a comfortable and cooling sensation.

What are some of the medical conditions that therapeutic mattresses treat?

Numerous health conditions can be worsened or caused by disrupted sleep cycles. People often go for special mattresses when they are suffering from chronic back pain or neck conditions. The perfect mattress can reduce or eliminate certain types of lower back pain. It should also provide long-term comfort, especially for people with chronic pains.

Other conditions that you can improve with hospital mattresses include fibromyalgia (which impacts the brain) and arthritis. A comfortable mattress can relieve pressure on important joints, causing less pain.

If you have to treat a patient that’s bedridden while recovering from an illness, buying a high-grade mattress for your home can improve their condition. Sterling Sleep Systems produces a range of hospital mattresses that offer perfect spinal alignment, repel insects and are easy to clean.

Hospital Mattresses
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Hospital Mattresses
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Hospital Mattresses