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Dana Point Rehab Campus offers the best addiction treatment in a world-class treatment center with gourmet meals and comfortable accommodations. Our Huntington Beach rehab has helped hundreds of recovering addicts overcome addiction and lead a sober life using an integrated treatment approach.

Importance of getting help for dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to a co-occurring mental disorder coexisting alongside addiction. Most addiction disorders stem from underlying mental health problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, schizophrenia, etc. The symptoms of many mental health issues often cause individuals to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, self-medicating can worsen mental health problems and cause patients to develop a form of substance addiction.

Seeking professional help for dual diagnosis is pivotal for comprehensive recovery from behavioral and mental health issues. It is critical that you join a specialized dual diagnosis rehab for a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery. Failing to address your co-occurring psychiatric issues during rehab can cause you to relapse post-treatment and undo everything you have achieved up to that point.

Rated as the best Huntington Beach rehab for dual diagnosis disorders, we have an experienced team of mental health professionals who creates personalized treatment plans to guide patients towards improved mental wellness. We rely on a combination of evidence-based therapies and advanced holistic treatments to help patients heal and recover from their addiction and the co-occurring mental disorder.

What can I expect at a faith-based drug rehab?

Faith-based rehab centers address a recovering addict’s medical, psychiatric, and spiritual needs. In these facilities, the spiritual element is the main focus of treatment. However, they also administer medically assisted detox treatment and engage patients in behavioral therapies to help them safely overcome substance abuse disorders and withdrawal symptoms.

Besides, faith-based rehabs have a team of certified spiritual advisors to offer counseling and guidance to recovering addicts. These religious leaders also conduct and moderate individual and group therapy sessions, helping patients achieve improved mental and spiritual wellness through faith. Worship, spiritual reflection, and discussion sessions are critical parts of the treatment plan at our faith-based rehabs, empowering recovering addicts with essential tools for lasting success with sobriety.

Top reasons to choose a faith-based rehab

Studies state that religious practices can help patients battling substance abuse disorders overcome their harmful behaviors. Our faith-based treatment centers use a combination of religious teachings, supervised drug detox, and counseling to help patients battling addiction. These rehabs provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support, equipping patients with essential skills to maintain sobriety in the long term.

If you have strong religious beliefs, our leading faith-based rehabs can help you find your way to sobriety through scripture readings, discussions, and prayer meetings. Besides, you will get to meet people with similar religious views as you at a faith-based rehab, allowing you to develop valuable friendships and bonds for life.

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a licensed and accredited faith-based Huntington beach rehab facility. Our recovering addicts learn essential life skills, coping mechanisms, and communication tools during their treatment at our rehab center, enabling them to lead a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life in the long haul.

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