Md Urgent Care Miami

Md Urgent Care Miami

Experiencing a minor accident or injury after regular office hours often means that you have to go to the local Emergency Room to get assistance. This can often be a nuisance as you wait for your turn to be seen for a minor sprain or cut that could have taken less time to treat at your family doctor’s office.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the long wait and the unnecessary trip to the E.R. by visiting your local MD Urgent Care Miami clinic instead. The Family Medical Group offers Urgent Care services with no appointment needed so that you can be seen on your schedule.

What is MD Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is treatment for critical medical conditions that are not considered emergencies, but still should be treated within 24 hours of the incident. Some examples of these conditions include accidents and falls, cuts that may require stitches,

Urgent conditions can also include eye irritation, fever or flu-like symptoms, minor broken bones, sprains, severe sore throat or coughing, or urinary tract infections.

What is Considered an Emergency? 

An emergency medical condition is one that requires immediate care when the patient is in danger of impairment or a fatality. You should dial 9-1-1 for any medical issue that appears to be life-threatening.

Examples of emergency conditions that you should not go to an urgent care facility include poisoning, convulsions, moderate to severe burns, heart attack symptoms, stroke symptoms, heavy or uncontrollable bleeding, or pregnancy-related problems.  

What is the Average Cost of Being Seen at an Urgent Care Clinic?

The average cost to visit an urgent care facility is between $50 and $150. This amount depends on the patient’s insurance and co-pay amount as well as the form of treatment that they received.

According to the President of the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, 70% of all patients who are treated at Urgent Care Centers use health insurance and only pay for their co-payment.

Is a Referral Needed to Go to an Urgent Care Center?

Some insurance companies will require you to get a referral from your family doctor before they cover the cost of your treatment at a walk-in clinic or an urgent care center.

If your insurance requires a referral, then you will need one unless you want to pay for your treatment out-of-pocket. However, if your insurance company does not require a referral, you can be seen at any time in accordance with the Urgent Care Center’s policies.

Enjoy the Convenience of Urgent Care that Isn’t Far from Home

Not every medical injury is a medical emergency, save yourself time and ensure that you don’t take time away from those in need of emergency care at the E.R. by visiting your local Urgent Care Center when you have a minor injury or illness. The Family Medical Clinic has two centers for MD Urgent Care in Miami and Homestead where you and your family can receive after-hours care, seven days a week, with no appointment needed.

Md Urgent Care Miami

Md Urgent Care in Miami: 6 Reasons People Choose Emergency and Urgent Care Services

The demand for emergency and urgent care is rising continuously. This has been well documented in Miami as well as in other cities across the United States. Emergency and urgent care are primarily designed for individuals that are facing serious health issues (not life-threatening) and do not have the time to get to a hospital. In recent times, however, individuals that have the opportunity to get to hospitals are visiting urgent care facilities instead. Here, ...
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Md Urgent Care Miami