Neck Pain Doctor Near Me

Almost everyone will experience some form and some degree of neck pain in their lives. When neck pain is caused by strain or tension, it should go away naturally in a relatively short time. However, if your neck pain persists more than a few days, then you might want to google "Neck Pain Doctor Near Me." Dr. Anil Kesani of Spine MD recommends that you follow the progression of neck pain treatment, starting with some basic exercises and stretches.

Can I Treat My Own Neck Pain at Home?

For neck pain that lasts for weeks on end, you may want to try physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. If your neck pain is still unresponsive, then steroid injections might be needed. If no relief is attained after injection treatment, then we may need to consider surgery. Surgery is always the last option with Spine MD.

The most important thing we can do is to properly diagnose the cause of your neck pain. The sooner you get in for an evaluation, the less pain you will have to experience. It is impossible to construct the proper treatment plan without an accurate diagnosis, and asking Google isn't a surefire way to get an accurate diagnosis for much of anything! Don't trust a bot; trust a neck pain specialist!

At-Home Neck Pain Treatment Techniques

If your neck pain hasn't yet reached critical proportions, then you might want to try some self-care techniques at home before searching for a neck pain doctor near you. Consider trying the following:

1. Apply ice or heat to your neck. Even a bag of frozen vegetables will do the trick if you don't have a fancy ice pack in your freezer. Likewise, you may want to take hot showers or baths. Allow the heat or the cold to remain on your neck for at least 15 minutes each time.

2. Sometimes, neck pain can be so intense that people can't even move their heads from side-to-side. If that's the case for you try stretching your neck gently up and down and side-to-side.

3. You could always try to rub your neck to make it feel better or have someone else do it for you. However, you could end up making the pain worse. It is best to have a qualified masseuse or chiropractor who is trained in muscle groups do it for you.

4. Another at-home self-care technique you can try is improving your posture. As simple as this may seem, it can have a great impact on your neck. This is especially true of people who sit at a computer desk all day.

Make an Appointment With the Region's Best Neck Pain Doctor

Google " Neck Pain Doctor Near Me," and look for Dr. Anil Kesani of Spine MD if all else fails. Here, you can get an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment in the world - no exaggeration! When you are suffering from neck pain, your quality of life diminishes substantially. The good news is that you don't have to put up with it any longer! Contact Dr. Anil Kesani today, and start down the path of a life free of debilitating neck pain.

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Neck Pain Doctor Near Me