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In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Introduction to Personal Emergency Response Systems

At Safety Watch, we understand the importance of independence, especially as one ages or navigates through health challenges. Our personal emergency response system is designed not just as a tool, but as a companion that offers peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones. With a simple push of a button, help is on the way, ensuring that emergencies are addressed promptly and effectively.

In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Our in-home option provides a safety net for those who spend most of their time at home. Utilizing a landline connection, our system includes a waterproof help button worn comfortably around the neck or wrist. This feature is crucial, considering most falls happen in the bathroom. It's our commitment to combining convenience with technology, ensuring help is always within reach.

Mobile Medical Alert Systems

For those with an active lifestyle, our mobile medical alert system offers the freedom to go out and about with confidence. Leveraging GPS technology and the robust AT&T mobile network, this system ensures you're covered nationwide. A press of the button connects you to our emergency response center, ready to dispatch help to your location, wherever that may be.

Medical Alert System with Fall Detection

Our fall detection service is a game-changer, particularly for individuals at risk of falls. This advanced feature automatically detects a fall, promptly alerting our emergency response team. This capability is critical; in moments where one might be unable to press the button, we ensure that help is still on the way.

Integrating this technology into our systems speaks to our commitment to innovation and safety, acknowledging that every second counts in an emergency.

How Our System Works

Step 1: Press the Button

Whether it's a fall, a medical emergency, or any situation where you need assistance, just press the button. It's that simple.

Step 2: Immediate Communication

Our base unit promptly dials our emergency response center, putting you in touch with a trained professional ready to assist.

Step 3: Help is Dispatched

After assessing your situation, we immediately dispatch the necessary help, whether it's emergency services or a loved one.

Client Testimonials

Over the years, we've been privileged to serve countless individuals, offering them a lifeline in times of need. One client shared how our personal emergency response system proved vital when they experienced a fall in the shower. Unable to move, they pressed the button, and within minutes, help arrived. Stories like these reinforce the importance of our work and the dire need for reliable emergency response solutions.

Our Service Packages

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer various packages tailored to different lifestyles and requirements:

  • In-Home Medical Alert System: Perfect for those spending significant time at home, featuring 24/7 monitoring, waterproof help button, and easy installation.
  • Mobile Medical Alert System: For active individuals, offering nationwide coverage and GPS location detection.
  • Fall Detection: An essential addition for anyone at risk of falls, providing automatic detection and alerting.

Our Commitment to You

At Safety Watch, our mission extends beyond selling a product. We aim to empower and provide peace of mind, ensuring our clients and their families that help is just a button press away. In an emergency, seconds matter. Our personal emergency response system signifies more than technology; it represents our unwavering commitment to your safety and well-being.

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Exploring our services means taking a step toward security and independence. Reach out to learn more about how our personal emergency response system can transform your life or that of a loved one. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected by Safety Watch.

How Our System Works

What is the personal emergency response system?

At Safety Watch, a personal emergency response system is much more than just a device; it's your round-the-clock companion ready to offer assistance at the press of a button. Think of it as having a vigilant friend who's always there, ensuring that whether it's a slip in the shower or a sudden health issue while you're out shopping, help is immediately on its way. It's designed to give you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that in any emergency, swift action can be taken to ensure safety and care.

Does Medicare pay for Life Alert devices?

While Medicare Part A and Part B do not typically cover the costs of Life Alert or similar personal emergency response systems, it's worth noting that some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans might offer allowances for health and safety devices, including medical alert systems. It's always a good idea to review your specific plan details or contact your Medicare Advantage provider to understand your coverage options fully. This nuanced approach to healthcare planning ensures that you're maximizing the benefits available to you.

Can Life Alert call family instead 911?

Yes, indeed. One of the flexible features of our Safety Watch system is the ability to customize how emergencies are handled, including the option to contact a family member, friend, or caregiver instead of or before calling 911. This personalization is crucial for situations where you might need immediate help from someone nearby or for less critical situations where emergency services are not necessary. It strengthens the system's role as a comprehensive support network, not just an emergency button.

Will Medicare pay for a smartwatch?

Currently, Medicare does not cover the cost of smartwatches, even those with health-monitoring features. However, as wearable technology continues to evolve and integrate more health-related functions, we could see changes in the future regarding healthcare policy and coverage. For now, it's essential to understand that while smartwatches can complement a personal emergency response system by tracking health metrics, they are not a substitute for a dedicated service designed to ensure safety and provide immediate help in emergencies.

How effective is fall detection technology?

Fall detection technology has significantly advanced, offering an essential layer of protection, particularly for individuals at higher risk of falls. Our Safety Watch system incorporates sophisticated sensors and algorithms designed to recognize the unique patterns of a fall. While no technology is 100% infallible, the effectiveness of fall detection systems in promptly alerting emergency services or loved ones can be life-saving. It's also worth mentioning that as technology continues to improve, the accuracy and reliability of these systems are only expected to increase, further safeguarding the wellbeing of users.

Are personal emergency response systems difficult to set up?

Not at all. Here at Safety Watch, we prioritize ease of use and convenience, starting with the setup process. Our in-home systems require minimal setup, often as simple as plugging in the base unit and wearing the waterproof help button. For our mobile systems, it's about ensuring the device is charged and within reach. We also offer comprehensive support to guide you through the setup process and answer any questions, ensuring you're comfortable and confident in using the system to its fullest potential.


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Personal Emergency Response System