Womens Lubricant Natural

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Womens Lubricant Natural

Womens Lubricant Natural

How to Choose the Right Womens Lubricant:

Natural lubricants don’t always deliver the kind of results you would consider earth-shaking. If you’re currently using a so-called natural lubricant and have found it to be lacking, we invite you to see why Sylk is a better product. There are typically two problems with a womens lubricant considered natural by the manufacturer: 1. The product doesn’t work well. 2. The product is not really natural.

Sylk has addressed both of these issues and has been designed to deliver exceptional, slippery-smooth results that last long so it doesn’t have to be reapplied. We hear from women on both sides of the fence who tell us their current ‘natural’ lube product is not working for them or has hidden ingredients that are not natural. Here’s what we typically tell them:

First of all, most ‘natural’ personal lube products don’t work very well because they are simply carbon copies of every other natural lube on the market. The manufacturers are making the best product possible using the most common ingredients found in lubricants. Sylk is the only water-based lubricant made from New Zealand kiwi vine extract, a superior ingredient renown for its luxurious, smooth feel. Thanks to Sylk, you can stop reaching for a lube that leaves you feeling as though you’ve somehow compromised on comfort just to experience enjoyment from sex. You’ll enjoy intimacy to a whole new level when you use Sylk.

Let’s address the second problem with a lot of products that call themselves ‘natural’. They may contain one or two natural ingredients, which gives them the marketing power to claim their product is natural. You’ll find many companies are using this tactic to sell products that really contain a host of chemicals and artificial ingredients. We advise women to avoid the use of all harmful products in their vagina, including a few of the most commonly used ingredients in lubes:

Petroleum jelly, a known carcinogen that is made from rendering down oil
Propylene Glycol, a harsh chemical used for de-icing
Parabens, which act like estrogen in a woman’s body, causing numerous side effects
Chlorhexidine Gluconate, an irritant

Your search on the Google engine for “womens lubricant natural” may result in many different products, some that may actually be natural, but many which are most likely not. It’s essential that you read ingredient labels on your personal lube products to find out what’s really in them. It should come as no surprise that the manufacturer has their bottom line as their prime interest- not your health.

Sylk’s creators had women in mind from its earliest days in design and manufacturing. We care about your experience using Sylk and would never think to compromise your health. You can see a complete list of ingredients for our “womens lubricant natural” on the Sylk website- a handful of carefully-chosen ingredients designed to deliver an earth-shattering experience each and every time. Purchase Sylk right over our website or sign up for your free 15-day trial to ty Sylk before you buy it.

Womens Lubricant Natural
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Womens Lubricant Natural