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Say “Hello” to WellBe

Voice-Enabled Virtual

Health Assistant

Use WellBe® to receive medication and appointment reminders, provide family caregiver notifications, get answers to your health questions, track blood pressure and glucose, listen to audiobooks, play music and news, and so much more.

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Ready to Help

WellBe® has a curated database of health information created by industry professionals to provide accurate, reliable answers to your health questions.

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Stay Connected

WellBe® keeps loved ones informed with notifications when medications or appointments are missed or blood pressure or glucose readings are abnormal.You can even use WellBe® to contact your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

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Whole Family

WellBe® uses voice recognition and different colored lights to customize reminders and alerts for up to six family members.

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Built using our secure proprietary platform, WellBe® only listens for the wake words “Ok, WellBe.” WellBe® never records your conversations and keeps your health information safe and secure in our HIPAA compliant environment.

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Easy Set Up

Easy to install and easy to use, WellBe® can be set up remotely using the WellBe Virtual Assistant app.

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Companion App

The WellBe Virtual Assistant app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up your custom profile and stay connected to your healthcare information and notifications at all times, even when out of the house. The app is also used to set reminders, enter prescriptions, primary care physicians, specialists, health information and more.

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Remote Registration

Setup and register WellBe® from anywhere using our Universal Registration feature. WellBe® can even be connected to WIFI remotely.

Created by healthcare executives with over 150 years of combined healthcare experience, Hands-free Health™ is committed to creating health and wellness platforms that keep you and your loved ones on track to good health.

The WellBe® Smart Speaker is truly hands-free, enabling you to access all kinds of information by simply using your voice. WellBe® uses voice recognition and different colored lights to customize reminders for up to six family members. WellBe® goes above and beyond answering healthcare questions to provide consumers and family caregivers a way to stay connected. WellBe® provides alerts to family caregivers if medications or doctors’ appointments are missed, or if a blood pressure or glucose reading is outside of the normal range. WellBe® was designed with privacy in mind – built using our secure and HIPAA-compliant environment, WellBe® only listens for the wake words “Ok, WellBe.” WellBe® never records your conversations and keeps your health information safe and secure in our HIPAA compliant platform.

WellBe® Provides:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Answers to Health Questions
  • Family Caregiver Notifications
  • Prescription Refill Reminders
  • Pricing Estimates
  • Medicare and Insurance Benefits Information
  • Audiobooks*
  • Music*
  • News
  • Weather
  • Stocks and much more…

Today’s healthcare consumers demand increased value when it comes to managing their health and expect advanced technology, like voice driven digital helpers. HandsFree Health’s™ WellBe® device is aimed at empowering consumers to remain at home, remain independent, and make health a priority. Among its many features, WellBe® can be set up to remind you or your loved ones to take medicine, to make or keep appointments, order refills, and to require verbal confirmation that these tasks were completed. Wellbe® can call your doctor’s office to reschedule appointments or your pharmacy to order refills. WellBe® is designed for the whole family — parents, children, seniors, and family caregivers – and uses voice recognition to distinguish among household members.

Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered. With WellBe®.

*iHeartRadio included, other services may incur additional fees. See Spotify and

The WellBe®

In Action

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