Frequently Asked Questions


How SafetyWatch Works

Step 1: Summon Help

When you need help, just press your water resistant personal help button which activates your SafetyWatch Medical Alert System.

 Step 2: The Base Unit

Your SafetyWatch Care Unit then dials the SafetyWatch Response Center and establishes two-way voice communication. 

Step 3: The Response Center


After assessing the situation, our associate will contact a neighbor, family member, or emergency services based on your specific needs, and follow up to confirm help has arrived.

System Includes

  • Waterproof Wristband/Pendant
  • Automatically monitors battery life
  • 2-Way Speakerphone Communication
  • Battery Backup
  • Non-Emergency Call Button
  • Live operator wellness checks
  • Medication reminders

How Much is it?

Answer: The 24 hour service is available for $34.95 per month and includes the two-way voice equipment. Enrollment is FREE. There are no other charges. You simply return the equipment when you no longer have a need for the service.

What type of contract do I have to sign?

Answer: There is a monitoring agreement that outlines what type of service we will provide. there is no long term contract to sign. Should you need to cancel, we ask only for a 30 day cancellation notice.

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