Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Emergency Response System SafetyWatch Services provides personal emergency response systems that offers users a medical alert device where they can simply push a button in case of an emergency, and medical or fire personnel will be dispatched by the Emergency Response Center immediately.

Artificial prosthesis Memphis
Human Technology, Inc.
266 S Cleveland St Suite 102
Memphis TN 38104 US
Why settle for old technology when shopping for an artificial prosthesis in Memphis when new technology is available from Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics? You'll find transfemoral, transtibial, transhumeral, and transradial prosthetics available through our website, along with high-quality customer care from our staff. Human Technology, Inc.

ENT Louisville KY
ENT Care Centers
6240 Dutchmans Parkway
Louisville KY 40205 US
When you need advice from an ENT in Louisville, KY, ENT Care Centers invites you to visit our clinic and meet with our staff. Our ear, nose, & Throat doctors perform a wide range of procedures, including tonsillectomy, thyroid surgery, sinus surgery, vocal cord surgery, adenoidectomy, ear tunes, and many other types of treatment.

Medical Preference Cards
Conventional medical preference cards are hard-to-read and outdated. PREFcards has creates a digital preference card system with ample room for doctors' important notes, images, reference numbers, and more. Digital cards are easier to read and can be edited in a matter of seconds, allowing access from any mobile or desktop device. PREFcards™ LLC

Heel Elevators
HeelZup is home to the most comfortable reusable and disposable heel elevators on the market. Our patented products prevent heel pressure injuries and help patients maintain a comfortable position with heels above the heart. Take a closer look at our products online or reach out to a HeelZup company rep with your questions.

Natural Herbs For Depression
Finding the safest and most effective natural herbs for depression is essential for your health and well-being. If you've decided to try a natural herbal remedy for depression instead of a prescription drug, you'll need professional advice from a knowledgeable herbalist. Speak with Sarah Madsen from Maui Herbalist to have your questions answered.

Alcohol Rehab Colorado
Red Rock Recovery Center
(855) 908-0071
Did you know there's an alcohol rehab in Colorado with programs designed to meet every patient's needs? At Red Rock Recovery Center, we provide dual diagnosis treatment to address the underlying cause of addiction, structured sober living, 12-step recovery, and 120-day extended treatment, all under one roof.

Leedfrost 5 Lidocaine Cream
LeedFrost 5% Lidocaine Cream is a unique topical numbing anesthetic cream with a high lidocaine concentration. 5% lidocaine is the best numbing cream for microblading. If more numbing is needed during a procedure, it can be combined with our NumbSkin Foam Soap and used in addition to the 5% lidocaine cream. When applied, the cream absorbs in 20-25 minutes and provides numbing pain relief to the targeted area. Suitable for professional and home use. For all skin types, If more numbing is needed during a procedure, it can be combined with our NumbSkin Foam Soap and used in addition to the 5% Professional Electrolysis Services, LLC

Detox Centers In Ma
Baystate Recovery Center
950 Cummings Center Suite 106-X
Beverly MA 01915 US
One of the most common ways people try to get sober is through rehab. Though there are many different types of rehab, they all share one thing in common- a focus on curing addiction rather than just suppressing it. As you compare programs from detox centers in MA, think about what we have to offer you at Baystate Recovery Center and give us a call.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Near Me
Kasriel Nojowitz
South Florida is the best place to find drug and alcohol rehab near me.spen Behavioral Health offers something more than what you'll find at other rehabs: a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment that includes both traditional and holistic therapies. Aspen Behavioral Health is located in West Palm Beach, just minutes from the beach.

Addiction Treatment Program Orange County
Christian's Drug Rehab
3822 Campus Drive Suite 100
Newport Beach CA 92600 US
(866) 434-1330
Are you searching for an addiction treatment program in Orange County that will point you to Christ and enable you to take comfort in his healing ability? Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment provides tried and trusted programs and treatment protocols with a focus on Christ and his love for you. Explore our resources to learn more about our rehab. Christian's Drug Rehab

medicinal cannabis Vancouver
Looking for a reliable source for medical cannabis in Vancouver? At Buddha barn, we are committing to our customers and strive to bring you the highest quality of organic cannabis available. Visit our online product page to see our selection of Sativa and Indica cannabis selections. You can learn more about our nonprofit by clicking the ‘About Us’ link. Buddha Barn Inc.

South Florida Addiction Treatment Centers
The Best Treatment
112 N. Oak Street
Lantana Florida 33462 US
(888) 670-9424
Compare outpatient programs offered at The Best Treatment with those provided by other South Florida addiction treatment centers to see what sets us apart from the crowd. Start by exploring free resources and our list of programs and therapies, then get in touch with us at 888-670-9424 when you're ready to take the first step.

Addiction Recovery South Florida
Affordable support for addiction recovery in South Florida is available from Emerge Recovery. Our 8-week at-home program is designed to help you take a closer look at past negative patterns and current behaviors that keep you running the wheel of frustration, unable to break free from certain life patterns. Emerge Recovery Center

Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa
In your search for a reputable alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, please consider The ho Tai Way for treatment. our small and personal residential treatment center provides detox, residential treatment, and life skills services that do a much better job of helping patients beat addiction compared with inpatient treatment alone.

Sun Valley Rehab Center
SV Recovery Inc.
10420 Penrose St.
Sun Valley CA 91352 US
800 627 7077
What's so exciting about a 30-day Sun Valley rehab center like SV Recovery? If you've lost hope for a brighter future, our effective programs can help you leave addiction in your past and go on to live the life you deserve. We offer detox, residential treatment, dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders, and relapse prevention programs at SV Recovery. SV Recovery Inc.

Folding Cartons
When you need folding cartons, boxes, or unit cartons for your products, Consolidated Strategy Group can design and manufacture the perfect product at the lowest possible price. We use a number of printing methods to deliver professional results, such as Flexo Graphic, Screen Printing, Digital printing, and hot stamping.

Buy Outdoor Feminised Seeds Usa Indica
Weed Seeds USA
What type of strains are available when you buy outdoor feminised seeds in USA? Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Chronic, Ganja, 710, 420, and more- all available from Weed Seeds USA. You don't have to settle for one or two strains from a local dispensary- we have dozens and dozens of strains available, including Indica strains.